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VerdeChem RL

Novolac Vinyl Ester Reinforced Lining



VerdeChem RL is a fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester lining system.  By incorporating specially blended fillers and fiberglass fabric, VerdeChem RL becomes a high build,  heavy-duty composite system for lining concrete. VerdeChem RL is ideally suited for splash and spill exposure of concentrated acids and solvents.


Recommended uses:

  • Secondary containment

  • Process area floors

  • Trenches, pedestals, curbs

  • Truck loading/unloading areas

  • Topcoat over VerdeFloor floor systems


Benefits of VerdeChem RL:

  • Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents

  • Seamless, high tensile strength composite

  • Extremely low permeation rate

  • Superior performance to acid-proof brick

  • Excellent dimensional stability

  • Withstands wide temperature range


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