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VerdeCoat UVE

UV Resistant Epoxy Coating


VerdeCoat UVE is a 100% solids, UV resistant epoxy floor coating that provides a high gloss, seamless, hygienic surface that is hard and durable. A specialized curing agent provides increased UV stability when compared to traditional epoxy coatings.


Recommended uses:

  • ​Topcoat for decorative quartz and flakes

  • Laboratories, hospitals and healthcare facilities

  • Stadiums and other entertainment venues

  • Educational and institutional facilities

  • Cafeterias, kitchens, storefronts and aisles

  • Topcoat over VerdeFloor systems


Benefits of VerdeCoat UVE:

  • Increase UV protection

  • Multiple system possibilities with one product

              -Multi-color quartz and flake finishes

              -Various surface finishes available

  • Low viscosity for improved finish

  • Durable finish, chemical resistant

  • Zero VOC, very low odor

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